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Graphic designer Esther de Vries
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Besides books, Esther has regularly done assignments that had to do with art-education for children. One of the first assignments was a publication with questions for children who visited the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Esther was asked to do the design, but since the subject interested her so much she started working on the content and in the end she was allowed to change the concept of the publication and wrote the questions for the children herself. Similar assignments followed, like workbooks for children that accompanied a traveling exhibition of DaimlerChrysler in different countries like Japan, Italy, South Africa, etc. 

Making things for children always remained a part of her practice: decoration for the Cinekid festival, a childrens book about art for Stroom Den Haag, and books, websites and exhibitions for clients like Toeval gezocht, Atelier van Licht, etc. 

She was a volunteer at Het Atelier AZC (atelier for refugee children in Amsterdam).